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Trevor Jinks' Page - Insects and Spiders in North Burnett Region

Trevor Jinks sent us many beautiful Insects and Spiders pictures. We put those pictures in this and other page. Trevor was living in Gold Coast and is now living in North Burnett. 
Dolophones turrigera with Dicranosterna picea
Dolophones%20turrigera[1].jpg (215558 bytes)  TJ101.jpg (156639 bytes)
Here are a couple of shots of D. turrigera, I didn't see this one on your site and thought you might like them. I didn't think anything would feed on acacia leaf beetles, I understand they are pretty toxic.
26 February, 2009 
Hoverfly mating pair
TJ40.jpg (39255 bytes)
Spotted these hoverfly pair in my yard.
23 February, 2009
Meat ants mimicking wasp ?
TJ38.jpg (56871 bytes)
I just spotted this come stumbling out of a meat ant nest, climb some grass and then fly away with a loud buzz. I just am wondering whether it is a  meat ants (purpurex) mimicking wasp or if it is a queen ant heading off to establish a new colony?
(It looks like a winged class ant, could be a male or a female.) 
21 February, 2009 
Mud Wasp shots
TJ36.jpg (57087 bytes) TJ37.jpg (102507 bytes) TJ39.jpg (146841 bytes)
I've got a couple of these guys building madly in my carport after all the rain we had last night. Thought you might like the shots for your website. The colouring seems somewhat different from the ones shown on your 'thread waisted' page.
21 February, 2009
(The 3rd picture) Here is the finished result from the wasps building effort. I guess it would make it hard for parasitic wasps to find the real chambers amongst all that lot. 
22 February, 2009
Unknown Beetle
TJ34.jpg (129027 bytes)  TJ35.jpg (127498 bytes)
Do you know this beetle? It is about 20mm long, about 6mm wide. It came walking across the rug in the night. Would it be flightless? It looks like the wing covers are fused together and it has that strange pin waist thing going on as well. I put it back outside in the long grass before I processed the pictures unfortunately.
(It is a Ground Beetle.)
I thought at first that the green line was a trick of the flash reflection but I did a search and one I came across was the green Lined Ground Beetle, Catadromus lacordairei Boisduval, which is probably what this guy is.   
20 February, 2009
Callibracon wasp
TJ33.jpg (32340 bytes)
I came across a couple of these today and it seems this one is part way in colouring between the ones shown on your site. Do you think there is just regional colour variation or are they all sub species?
18 February, 2009
Stink bugs hatching
TJ32.jpg (90118 bytes)
Just found this string of stink bugs hatching in my garden.
14 February, 2009
Antlion hatchlings and eggs
TJ28.jpg (36656 bytes) TJ102.jpg (50623 bytes) TJ103.jpg (58621 bytes) TJ104.jpg (65854 bytes)
I came across this string of eggs on a grass stem that was being used as the anchor point for a spider web so I cut the stalk and put them in a screened box to see what would develop.It took 12 days and gradually the eggs got darker in colour. When I checked on the twelfth morning there was a cluster of little dark critters in one corner of the box. I took these shots of the hatchlings and the open eggs. Look just like the remains of boiled eggs that you'd have for breakfast I think. There were over 50 hatchlings so I put them outside in a sandy area and they soon buried themselves and made their little cone traps.
(Please also check my Owl-flies page.) 
13 February, 2009  
Striped Green Hopper
TJ27.jpg (22866 bytes)
Here is another strange one I came across. It has a distinct bluish colouration to the area between the stripes.
(It looks like a Leafhopper in Subfamily Ledrinae.)  
2 February, 2009
Hot Pink Chalky Hopper?
TJ25.jpg (55276 bytes)  TJ26.jpg (54129 bytes)
Came across this one today. At first I thought it was just a mark on the leaf but decided to have a closer look. Then I thought perhaps its dead and going mouldy but it moved when I got close and then hopped off. Have you ever seen a hot pink one with a chalky appearance? Honestly, I didn't paint it! :-)
30 January, 2009
Gant Robber Fly with beetle
TJ24.jpg (110421 bytes)
28 January, 2009
Black and white guy
TJ21.jpg (133212 bytes)
Also while I was out with the camera I happened to notice this stunning little black and white guy. He was on the same type of wattle as the group shots but doesn't appear to be the same family to me.
(It looks like a Banksia tree hopper.)
Yeah that looks a pretty good match for the Banksia tree hopper but no, I haven't seen any Banksia around here. I'll keep an eye out in case there are some around. 
28 January, 2009
Ant Hoppers
TJ16.jpg (81078 bytes)  TJ04.jpg (101317 bytes)
Also what do you make of these. They look like ants tending some very tiny larvae and appear to have one each to care for but can't even be sure they are ants because the seem to be missing a lot of the normal features. They were clustered on the stem of a wattle in three groups. The stem was abut 10mm thick.
28 January, 2009
TJ18.jpg (181574 bytes) TJ03.jpg (181410 bytes) TJ20.jpg (182800 bytes)
Here are some shots I took today. As you can see there are several stages of growth in the larvae and a couple have wings. I like the interloper ant that snuck in. Especially in the frame where it is rubbing antennae with one of the hoppers. The attendant ants have very short antennae and only appear to have vestigial eyes that are set right back , almost where you would expect a bird to have its eyes on each side of the head. I have left the images a lot larger so that you can make better use of them for your discussion and web site. Feel free to crop and resize as you see fit.
(Those nymph with long antenna so they could be the aphids.)
As to the nymphs, I'm still not sure what they are, they don't look like any other aphids I have seen. I might try and collect a couple of them and take some closeups. 
TJ22.jpg (74235 bytes)  TJ23.jpg (83935 bytes)
Here are two views of the nymphs the ants are attending on the wattle bush. It certainly is not like any aphid I have ever seen before if that is what it is. To me it looked like some sort of beetle with the segmented antennae.
29 January, 2009
Which Family ?
TJ15.jpg (144584 bytes) 
Do you know which family these fall into? I've only ever heard them referred to as Hairy Scorpions by country people but don't know where they really belong.
(It is a 'house centipede', Order Scutigeromorpha, family Scutigeridae.)
Thanks for the ID, didn't find any photos of any house scorpions anywhere that show a plain body colour like this guy. Do you think it could be an immature or a different species? 
28 January, 2009 
Eucalyptus Tip Bug Nymph and the Plant Hoper from hell
TJ12.jpg (38508 bytes) TJ13.jpg (45518 bytes) 
Hope you like these shots of a tip bug at work. Found on a young Narrow Leafed Ironbark.
TJ14.jpg (72591 bytes)
Also the plant hopper from hell, sorry the face isn't quite in focus, it was in a hard spot to get a clear shot. I'm assuming this is a nymph stage?
(It might be the lantana hopper nymph.) 
I had a look at the lantana hopper but don't think it is an exact match. This guy has a rounded face instead of the "thorn like" projection of them. Also this was found on an acacia and there is no lantana on the property here (thank heavens, I hate that stuff). I had a look at other hoppers in the same family but unfortunately all the pictures were of preserved adults so that makes things hard. I'll have to keep an eye out for adults on the tree. 
25 January, 2009 
Beautiful Assassin and possible Darkling Beetle?
TJ10.jpg (43132 bytes)  TJ11.jpg (81211 bytes)
Came across this beautiful assassin bug today. Unfortunately it flew off with a loud buzzing before I could get a decent photo. I'll be keeping an eye out for it in future as it was very striking in appearance and I'd like to get an identification and a good reference shot or two. Have you ever seen one like this? I also came across a few of these beetles (second picture) feeding on dead wattle branches. They appeared to be chewing the bark and I was fascinated by the shape of the eyes. Would they be in the Darkling Beetle family? They look similar to the one on your site but differ in some aspects.
(The 1st photo is the Pod-Sucking Bug.) 
25 January, 2009 
Colourful Ricaniid Planthopper? 
TJ9.jpg (138797 bytes)
I happened upon this planthopper today while looking for spiders. I found it on a broad leaf wattle but can't find a match for it anywhere. Do you know this one?
(It Might be the Scolypopa kurandae.)
Yes the patterns look pretty right, particularly the pink triangular patch on the wing leading edges. 
18 January, 2009
Spiky Little Beetle
TJ8.jpg (64364 bytes)
I just came across this tiny, body less than 2mm long, beetle in my yard. When disturbed it would reluctantly fly a short distance to another grass stem or plant. It just looked like a solid black by normal eyesight and it was only when I processed the shot that I saw the colours and the crazy spiky wing covers. Have you ever seen these or can you give me an idea as to family etc.
(It is the a leaf beetle, Hispellinus multispinosus, CHRYSOMELIDAE > Cassidinae > Hispini.) 
13 January, 2009 
Beautiful Cockroach
TJ7.jpg (98853 bytes)
Came across this lovely cockroach today and wondered if you might know the ID? It was resting under foliage head down when I saw it and didn't want to run away just moving into another shady spot when disturbed. I thought it rather beautiful.
11 January, 2009 
Fierce looking ant (Dolichoderinae)
TJ6.jpg (90107 bytes)
Came across this solitary ant while out walking in the bush. There were other ants not far from it but they were plain black and a lot smaller. This guy is similar in size to Golden Spiny Ant. Have you seen it before and is it in Dolichoderinae?
4 January, 2009 
Pollen beetle
TJ1.jpg (40823 bytes)  TC5.jpg (45203 bytes)
Male                                                                              Female 
Thought perhaps you might like this male pollen beetle snap to add to your page. 
30 December, 2008
Got a close shot of a female pollen beetle and thought you may like to have it for the site.
3 January, 2009
In the St Andrews Cross family?
TJ3.jpg (113291 bytes)  TJ4.jpg (48413 bytes)
I am including two views of this spider in the hope that you may know it. This on shade cloth in my garden. The white strips on the back are a bit affected by the flash, and this next day in the garden. Not a very big spider as you can see from the mesh of the shade cloth. I thought it may be in the St Andrews Cross family?
2 January, 2009
Beetle found at Oxenford
TJ2.jpg (99242 bytes)
I got a good laugh from your "beetle found at Oxenford on the way to Tambourine". I have taken a few snaps of that fellow myself when I still lived on the Coast. 
30 December, 2008
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