Patterned-wing Snipe Fly
Black Snipe Fly
Grey Snipe Fly
Golden Snipe Fly 
Slender March Fly
Flower-feeding March Fly
Greyish-Brown March Fly
Banded-wing March Fly
Australian March Fly
Yellowish-brown March Fly
Reddish-brown March Fly
Brown March Fly
Garden Soldier Fly
Black Solder Fly
Green Soldier Fly 
Brown Soldier Fly
Brown Tangle-vein Fly  
Yellow Tangle-vein Fly
Bladder Fly
Unknown Flies

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Superfamily Tabanoidea - Snipe Flies, March Files and Soldier Flies

Order Diptera

This page contains pictures and information about flies in Superfamily Tabanoidea that we have founded in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This superfamily Tabanoidea includes the  March Flies Family Tabanidae and other smaller size families. They are generalised by the wing venation CuA reaching the wing margin or meeting 1A near its apex. Larvae are aquatic or terrestrial. 

Family Rhagionidae - Snipe Flies
Flies in this family are usually small in size. They have slender body, sparse hairs and long legs. Most of them are in dull colours. Some species in this family suck blood.
Family Tabanidae - March Flies 
March Flies are from small to large in size. They have large eyes with reflective iridescent colour. Their wings always have the 'Y' shaped veins at the tip. Usually there are the dense short hairs on their body. Most species of female feed on blood before laying eggs. They target on horse, cattle and humans.
Family Stratiomyidae - Soldier Flies 
This is a moderately large size family. Soldier Flies are usually medium in body size. We usually found them resting on plants. Their Larvae are carnivorous and occur in various habitats such as aquatic, decaying materials and under bark.
Family Nemestrinidae - Tangle-veined Flies
This family is easily recognised by the complex wing venation. Tangle-vein Fly has five to seven nearly parallel branches of veins reaching the anterior margin of the wing. The flies are large to medium size with hairy body. The larvae are parasitic on insects includes grasshoppers. 
Family Acroceridae - Small-head Flies
Flies in this family are also known as Bladder flies for they have the swollen, bladder-like thorax and the small head. 

Others - Please also visit this page, there are the flies that we cannot identify yet. 

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