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Snipe Flies - Family Rhagionidae

Order Diptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Snipe Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. This family also known as Leptidae.
Flies in this family are usually small in size. They have slender body, sparse hairs and long legs. Most of them are in dull colours. Some species in this family suck blood.
In Australia, there are two genus, Atherimorpha and Chrysopilus in this family. The style of Atherimorpha is made up of four segments while the style of Chrysopilus has a single element. The wings are usually hyaline. The eyes are bare. In Atherimorpha eyes separate in both male and female. At the moment all Snipe Flies we found were Chrysopilus.

Patterned-wing Snipe Fly
DSCN7024.jpg (169140 bytes) DSC_6678h.jpg (140756 bytes) DSC_6678.jpg (215470 bytes)
Chrysopilus mackerrasi, body length 10mm 
This fly is large as a Snipe Fly. It is easily recognized by the apical markings on wings. The head is black in colour with thorax and scutellum in dark brown. Halteres are in yellow to brown with yellow corners. Wing vein R2+3 is not round at apex but forming a distinct acute angle with the costa. The abdomen is long in conical shape, dark brown in colour, covered with yellowish hairs laterally in hind corners. Please check this page for more information.
Black Snipe Fly
DSC_9840.jpg (490389 bytes) DSC_9842h.jpg (90999 bytes) DSC_9840w.jpg (122857 bytes)
Chrysopilus basifasciatus, body length 6mm
This Snipe Fly has the black head. Mesonotum and scutellum are black as well. The abdomen is conical shape with first segment covered with white hairs. Legs are black and wings are hyaline. The following segments are black covered with white hairs at laterally front corners. Please check this page for more information.
Grey Snipe Fly
DSC_4642.jpg (233156 bytes) DSC_6536h.jpg (96754 bytes) DSC_4642w.jpg (118528 bytes)
Chrysopilus tonnoiri, body length 7mm 
This is a grey Snipe Fly. Head is black in colour covered with golden hairs. Halteres are yellow with brownish knob. Legs are yellow. Wings are hyaline. Abdomen is covered with golden greyish hairs. Only the central parts of second and third segment being black. Please check this page for more information.
Golden Snipe Fly
DSC_5728.jpg (211948 bytes) DSC_5732.jpg (147275 bytes) PWC_8419w.jpg (109676 bytes)
Chrysopilus iani, body length 6mm 
This Snipe Fly has large head covered with very large eyes. Eyes are contiguous. The facets are very large on the upper side of eyes. Mesonotum and scutellum are black covered with golden yellow brown hairs. Halteres are yellow with brownish knob. Legs are golden colour as well. Wings are hyaline with yellow hairs on basicosta. Abdomen is golden and black banded. Please check this page for more information.

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