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Small-head Flies - Family Acroceridae (Cyrtidae)

Order Diptera  

This page contains pictures and information about Small-head Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Flies in this family are also known as Bladder flies.
Flies in this family are also known as Bladder flies for they have the swollen, bladder-like thorax and the small head.  

Bladder Fly
PC9_2361.jpg (100770 bytes) PC9_2364.jpg (171370 bytes) PC9_2368.jpg (157507 bytes)
Ogcodes (Oncodes) sp., body length 6mm
We found this fly once in Carbrook Wetland on Sep 2009. The fly was resting on a large gum tree trunk about 0.5 meter from ground. It was steel blue in colour with scout body. Its small head was entirely covered by its compound eyes. Its legs were all white in colours. When we came too closely, it flied to the other side of the tree trunk. Although its wings were relatively small comparing with it body, it was a good flier just like a normal fly. Please check this page for more information.
Small-head Fly 2
DSCN9352.JPG (119140 bytes)
Ogcodes sp., body length 5mm 
Gerard advised that: for sure an Acrocerid, so family Acroceridae. Larvae are parasites in spiders! We found this fly when it was resting on leaf next to a empty pupa case which was attached by silk next to a empty spider nest. 

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