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Stink Bugs - Superfamily PENTATOMOIDEA

This page contains pictures and information about Bugs in superfamily Pentatomoidea that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Maternal care is common in stink bug families. 

Stink Bug Classification : 

The shield-shaped insect of the superfamily Pentatomoidea, especially the family Pentatomidae, are called Shield Bug. They have well-developed scutellum that is either triangular to semi-elliptical in shape. They are also known as Stink Bug. They have stink glands and will give off a strong-smelling odor when the insect is disturbed, particularly on capture. For general infromation about Stink Bugs, please check our Stink Bugs Biology page.
Stink Bugs in superfamily Pentatomoidea include the stinkbugs, shieldbugs, tortoise bugs, burrower bugs and jewel bugs.  
Family Cydnidae - Burrowing Bugs
We found only one species in this family. They are known as Burrowing Bugs living on ground.
Family Tessaratomidae - Large Stink Bugs
Family Tessaratomidae is a small family very close to Family Pentatomidae. All members in this family look like pentatomid except they are large and with very small head. Like the Stink Bugs, they will also  will emit a pungent, evil-smelling liquid if disturbed. We only found one species in this family.
wpe1C.jpg (21297 bytes)Family Scutelleridae - Jewel Bugs and Shield Backed Bugs
Shield Backed Bugs Bugs in this family are usually colourful with metallic colour of spots. Shield-backed bugs are plant suckers. They can be distinguished from other bugs by their scutellum completely covered the whole abdomen and wings. This family are closely related to stink bugs and also produce offensive odors when disturbed.
Family Pentatomidae - Stink Bugs 
Bugs in this family will emit a pungent, evil-smelling liquid if disturbed. Their antennae are 5-segmented. Their body are usually in shield-shaped. Stink bugs are distinguished from other bugs by their triangular scutellum which is well extended to cover half of their back. Their legs are thin and with no spines.

Quick Reference Guide:

Followings are the thumb-nail photos of different stages of Stink Bugs that we found. We listed them here for easily reference. Please click on each photo to access the detail page. 

Stink Bug Adults 


Unknown Stink Bugs


Please also try our Stink Bugs Field Guide page. 
For more infromation about Stink Bugs in general, please check the Stink Bugs Biology page. 

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