Orange Black Stink Bug


Phyllota Stink Bug - Ocirrhoe dallasi

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Phyllota Stink Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm
We found a few of these stink bugs on the flowering Phyllota phylicoides in Carbrook Wetland on Sep 2009. 
PC9_2195.jpg (121197 bytes) PC9_2197.jpg (130763 bytes) PC9_2186.jpg (116880 bytes)
The stink bug is brown in colour with olive-green thorax and greenish-brown head. The scutellum is brown with creamy white tip. The shoulder is round without spin. 
PC9_2179.jpg (129652 bytes) PC9_2185.jpg (141282 bytes) PC9_2182.jpg (133380 bytes)
The bugs were slow moving. When heavily disturbed, they walked slowly to the top of the plant, opened its wings and slowly flied to another host plant one to two meters away.
PC9_2191.jpg (144357 bytes) PC9_2192.jpg (137449 bytes) PC9_2193.jpg (102064 bytes)
We noticed one of them was paler in colour, otherwise look the same. It walked freely and did not like just came out from last moulting. It could be the female, but not so sure. 

Host Plant

PC9_2194.jpg (127569 bytes) PC9_2113.jpg (167325 bytes) PC9_2172.jpg (169019 bytes)
Phyllota phylicoides, Fabaceae
There were quite a number of these sting bugs found on the host plant, while the plants were flowering. There were different species of insect visiting the plants too.  

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