Orange Black Stink Bug


Shield Bugs - Genera Anchises

There are quite a number of different genera stink bugs in Brisbane Eucalyptus forest.  Most of them are the typical shield-shaped and look similar. They include the genera Poecilometis, Anchines, Alcaeus, Dippilana, Bathrus, and Theseus
Genera Anchises look similar to Poecilometis, but can be distinguished by the wing veins.
There is only one Australian species in Genera Anchises.

Golden Brown Shield Bug
wpe12.jpg (43432 bytes) 
Anchises parvulus, 2nd instars body length 15mm, adult body length 5mm
We saw this stick bug mother with her new hatched babies on a gum tree leaf. When we get near to have a closer look, the mother bug always tilt her body towards us blocking our vision to her babies. No matter how we disturbed her, she just stayed on top of her young bugs and did not move a bit. More information and pictures please click here.

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