Orange Black Stink Bug


Red Jewel Bug - Choerocoris paganus

Family Scutelleridae

This page contains pictures and information about Red Jewel Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm
In mid summer during bush-walking in the rain forest near Mt Nebo, we saw this bright red bug resting on a tall glass leaf. When we came closer to take some photos, the bug dropped onto the ground and run away quickly. 
wpe1.jpg (35653 bytes) wpe4.jpg (31932 bytes) DSCN7029.JPG (175562 bytes)
The Jewel Bug is carmine red in colour with purplish-black markings. Body strongly convex above and below.
DSCN7031.JPG (186289 bytes) 
The bug feeds on Forest Hop Bush Dodonaea, feeding mainly on the seeds.

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