Orange Black Stink Bug


She-oak Stink Bug - Diaphyta pulchra

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about She-oak Stink Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm
She-oak Stink Bug is bight green colour with three yellow stripes on the prothorax and on scutellum. Its body is elongated oval shape with relatively large head and eyes.
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We found this bug once in the She-oak area in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon, where was covered with dense young She-oak pine trees (Casuarina sp. or Allocasuarina sp.). The bug was wandering on the needle leaves. It flied away after we took some photos. It is a good flier. 
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The bug is remarkably adapted in its colouration to enable it to escape detection when it is on host plants. Its body colour scheme is the same as the Red Green Spined Bug which also lives on She-oak pine tree as well.  


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Body length 12mm 
We went back to the She-oak area in Karawatha Forest to see if we could find more information about this bug. We searched for half a day and lucky enough to find this nymph. It was about the side of adult so we believed it was the last instars.
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The nymph looks about the same as the bug adult, with the same green, yellowish-white and reddish-brown colour scheme.
DSC_0961.jpg (164034 bytes)
Their eggs ?
We found this eggs on She-oak pine in Carbrook Wetland on Nov 2010. We think they are the Red Green Spined Stink Bug's eggs but not exactly sure.

Host Plant

River She-Oak
PWC_8700.jpg (139114 bytes) PWC_8718.jpg (255120 bytes)
Casuarina cunninghamiana  

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