Orange Black Stink Bug


Colourful Stink Bugs - Tribe Antestini 

We found two species of tribe Antestini in Brisbane.

Genera Antestiopsis 

Green Grid Stink Bug
DSC_0246.jpg (242317 bytes) DSC_0251.jpg (282362 bytes) 
Antestiopsis sp. (A. cederwaldi or  A. notia ), body length 10mm
The stink bug is grass-green in colour with brown-yellow to pale green grid lines on thorax. Head is black with green and yellow lines. We have more information and pictures about this bug in this page.

Genera Plautia 

Green Stink Bug
DSC_8224.jpg (129871 bytes) DSC_8988.jpg (181100 bytes)
Plautia affinis, body length 10mm
The bug is mainly green with brown forewings. This bug is considered as pest on stone fruits, mulberries, grapes and vegetables such as beans and tomatoes. We have more information and pictures in this page.

Genera Novatilla

Orange Black Stink Bug
wpe5.jpg (35569 bytes) wpe9.jpg (20885 bytes)
Novatilla virgata, body length 10mm
We saw this bug once during mid summer in Karawatha Forest. It was wandering on grasses. The small bug has the eye-catching colour patterns, with orange and white strips on black. Please also check this web page.

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