Orange Black Stink Bug


Banksia Shield Bug - Poecilometis eximius 

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Banksia Shield Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm, sucking sap on Banksia tree trunk 
This bug is medium in size, reddish to orange brown in colours with antenna in five segments of about the same length. The legs and antenna are orange colour. 
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We found this brown shield bug many times summer in Alexandra Hill. It was usually found resting on Banksia leaf or tree trunks. When disturbed, it flew to another Banksia tree near by. 
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Then we found that is bug is fairy common in Brisbane forest, usually found on Banksia plants, although found on other plants as well. 
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This bug is an active flyer comparing with other stink bugs.
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This bug looks vary similar to Two-dots Gum Tree Shield Bug except it do not have the dot on wings.
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The bug was found once feeding on a Black-boy Grass-tree (Xanthorrhoeas latifolia) stem. 
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5th instars, body length 15mm
Found this nymph on gum tree trunk in Karawatha Forest Sep 2008. 
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