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Gum Tree Shield Bugs - Genera Poecilometis 

This page contains pictures and information about Gum Tree Shield Bugs in genera Poecilometis that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Shield Bug Feeding on gum tree trunk
Poecilometis is the largest stink bug genera (50 species) in Australia. They are usually found feeding on gum or other native trees. We found a number of different species in Brisbane. The adults are 15-25mm in body length. Most are dark brown to reddish brown in colour. They are usually found on Eucalyptus or other native trees.
Poecilometis stink bugs can be distinguished from other similar genera by  wings longer than abdomen, with wing veins linear and mostly subparallel. Antennae are basically 4-segmented but appearing 5-segmented in a number of species owing to a secondary subdivision of the 2nd antenna1 segment. They have the typical shield-shaped body which is in general longer than other stink bugs. The head is moderate elongate with round apex. The juga do not surpassing apex of anteclypeus. Pronotum is strongly hexagonal with lateral angles obtuse, acute or has the short slender spine. The triangular scutellum usually constricted towards the apex. Veins on the membrane run parallel with each others. Upper side of the whole body is covered with coarse punctations. Legs are long and slender. 

Zebra Gum Tree Shield Bug
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Poecilometis histricus, body length adults 20mm
We found those bugs easily at Macgregor and Wishart bushland in Brisbane, from late winter to late summer. This is a medium size stink bug. On the body there are the coarse dense brownish punctuations patches and lines of chocolate brown on yellowish brown ground colour. More information and pictures please find in this page.
Banksia Shield Bug
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Poecilometis eximius,  body length 20mm
We found this brown shield bug once during early summer in Alexandra Hill. It was resting on Banksia leaf. When disturbed, it flew to another Banksia tree near by. This bug looks similar to the above species except it does not have the black dot on wings. Click here for more information. 
Two-dots Shield Bug
DSCN7006.jpg (181675 bytes)
Poecilometis monteithi, body length 20mm
This is a medium size stink bug with dense brown punctuation dots on yellow body. Its legs and antenna are orange brown in colour. There is a black dot on each front wing-covers. The apex of scutellum lightened only at very tip. Please check this page for more information.
Two-dots Gum Tree Shield Bug
DSC_4440.jpg (204360 bytes) PWC_6041.jpg (195818 bytes) DSC_0848.jpg (168669 bytes)
Poecilometis parilis, body length 20mm                                                 
This bugs was found on a Gum Tree trunk alone on mid summer. They are quite common on the gum tree trunk in Brisbane. More information and pictures please click on here.
Common Gum Tree Shield Bug
DSC_0800.jpg (241791 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (24094 bytes)
Poecilometis patruelis, adult body length nymph 25mm
Those bug nymph are black and white in colour. The antenna are yellow with dark end. We found the nymphs in clusters of six to eight under loose bark of a gum tree. The adults are in shield shape with dark brown and black in colour. This is the most common stink bug found in Brisbane forests. More information and pictures please click here.
Brown Shield Bug
PWC_9569.jpg (148363 bytes) wpe7.jpg (40405 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (28939 bytes)   
Poecilometis sp., body length nymph 15mm, adult 20mm
The Shield Bugs are fairy common in Brisbane forest and bushland. Many species look similar and hard to be identified. They are also known also as stink bugs and produce foul smelling defensive liquids. More pictures and information on the Shield Bugs please chick here.

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