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What's New

in Brisbane Insects and Spiders Web Site

19 February 2011

Updated some of the Diptera pages included the Acalyptrata Muscoid Flies, Calyptratae Muscoid Flies and Tachinid Flies Pages.

26 October 2010 

Just added more information on this Gall-inducing Scale Insects in family Eriococcidae. The most special group is this gall-inducing scale insects in family Eriococcidae. Eriococcid gallers induce complex galls on plants.......................

15 October 2010 

Soft Bugs pages updated. More pictures added and information reviewed.  

19 September 2010 

Mirid Bugs pages updated. More pictures added and information reviewed.  

14 September 2010 

Lygaeid Bugs pages updated. More pictures added and information reviewed.  

11 September 2010 - Early spring in Brisbane
DSC_6603.jpg (194004 bytes) DSC_6713L.jpg (199860 bytes) DSC_6710.jpg (186681 bytes) DSC_6639.jpg (158208 bytes) DSC_6682.jpg (200581 bytes) 
Early Spring, it is still a bit cool in the morning. You may not expect to see many insects in the bushes. However, it is not true if you are in a right place. This morning we went to Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon. The Tea-tree flowers were blooming. We found a lot of nectar-feeding insects flying around on the flowers. Some of them were new to us. We saw many different bee species included the Metallic Carpenter Bee, Carpenter Bee, Cuckoo Bee, and of cause the Honey Bee. We also saw at lease three different species of Bee Flies and a few different species of Hover Flies. There were some beetles included the Lycid Beetle and the flower-feeding Scarab Beetle. We also saw Flower Wasps and Skipper Butterflies. We even found the unexpected Leaf Beetle, Robber-fly and Assassin Bug.
DSC_6705.jpg (164549 bytes) DSC_6800.jpg (198851 bytes) DSC_6783.jpg (203476 bytes) DSC_6753.jpg (167943 bytes) DSC_6726.jpg (157731 bytes)  

05 September 2010 
Coreid Bugs pages updated. More pictures added and information reviewed.  

21 August 2010 - in Brisbane Botanic Garden
On Aug 2010, a sunny winter day, we found two Common Jezabel Butterflies feeding in the Citrus flowers in Brisbane Botanic Garden.   

19 August 2010 
Assassin Bugs pages updated. More pictures added and information reviewed.  

12 August 2010
Stink Bugs pages updated. Added the Quick Reference Guide.

08 May 2010 
Wasps pages updated.

18 August 2009 - new genus Chewobrachys
Chewobrachys is the new genus of family Eurybrachyidae. This genus include two species, the C. sanguiflua and C. limbourgi, they are found in Eastern Australian. This C. sanguiflua species can be found in Brisbane. 
Jerôme Constant is revising the classification of family Eurybrachyidae. This new genus Chewobrachys is created in the process of reviewing the Australian genus Platybrachys. Jerôme kindly used our family name Chew and brachys (Greek = short, common ending of generic names in family Eurybrachyidae) to form the name of this new genus.

01 Jan 2001 - We started this web site
Tony, Sandy and Peter Chew, 2001           Peter and Tony Chew, 2006

We are the Chew's family  in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our interest is to study the nature. We go to the bush on weekends to watch insects and spiders. 

We are not professionals. We recorded and commented on what we found. On the following pages, we are NOT going to tell you insects and spiders are different because they have six or eight legs, NOR the butterflies and moths are different because they have different antennae etc.. Instead, by discussions, we try to find out why there are differences. We try to find out more about Evolution.

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Last updated: March 03, 2011.