Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Superfamily COREOIDEA - Coreid Bugs

Order Hemiptera, Suborder Heteroptera

This page contains pictures and information about Coreid Bugs in Superfamily COREOIDEA that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Clown Bugs - the gum tree tip wilter, male and female
Most coreid bugs have a series of longitudinal parallel veins in the membrane of the fore wings and have ocelli, which distinguish them from lygaeids bugs.

Coreid Bug Classification : 

Family Coreidae - Tip Wilter, Leaf Footed Bugs, Squash Bugs
Quite a number of bugs in this family can easily be found in Brisbane. They look similar and some are hard to be identified. They are mostly from 10 to 25mm in body length. Their forewings have many veins and their heads are narrower and most often shorter than pronotum. Their antennae are four segmented.
Family Alydidae - Broad Headed Bugs
Alydids have large broad triangular head, nearly as wide as the thorax. Their bodies are relatively slender. They have long antenna and long legs. Some of them feed on fallen pods from Acacia trees and pods of other trees. Some species their nymph mimic ants.
Family Rhopalidae - Leptocoris bugs
We only found one species in this family. The bug has bright red eyes and red abdomen. Its thorax and front wing covers are reddish-brown in colour. Its legs and antenna are black in colour. The last instars looks similar to the adult bugs except their wings are not fully developed.

Coreid Bugs Field Guide : 

Followings are the thumb-nail photos of different stages of Coreid Bugs that we found. We listed them here for easily reference. Please click on each photo to access the detail page.

For the following coreid bugs, we found the adult only.

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