Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bug IV - Amorbus rhombifer or A. rubiginosus

Family Coreidae

This page contains pictures and information about Wilted-tip-mimicking Squash Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Wilted-tip-mimicking Squash Bugs.

Male and nymph, body length 20mm, 15mm
This bug is quite common in Brisbane Eucalyptus forest. It usually rest with hanging upside-down on a gum tree new shot, mimicking a dry leaf remain of a wilted tip. The bug has a expanded and flat abdomen.  
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Mimicking dry leaf
Notice the 'wilted tip' that the bug made. The bug just mimics as part of the wilted tip.  


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The different of hind legs between male and female are very obvious in this species.
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When rest, this bug vibrates its antenna tips in a very high frequency.  
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After mating, female lay eggs on host plants. Eggs are laid singly on the leaf surface of young leaves, several eggs are laid close together. From reference information their eggs are green in colour soon become light brown.
DSCN7452.JPG (168400 bytes)
The female found together with the nymph below. 
PWC_8999.jpg (152095 bytes) DSC_4692.jpg (154824 bytes) PC9_0154.jpg (146355 bytes)
3rd instars 
One way to distinguish this nymph from other Amorbus sp. is the middle tibiae narrower than fore tibiae.  
DSC_4615.jpg (150916 bytes) PWC_9824.jpg (108176 bytes)
4th instars  
PWC_9648.jpg (156156 bytes) DSC_3792.jpg (162842 bytes) DSCN7454.JPG (138930 bytes) 
5th instars 
DSCN7449.JPG (148488 bytes) PWC_9649.jpg (131620 bytes) DSC_4549.jpg (197139 bytes)
5th instars 
Those nymphs were found during late winter Jan 2005 together with a female adult. They were different colours and patterns, same as the other Amorbus species.


DSC_3911.jpg (190951 bytes) DSC_3604.jpg (189884 bytes) PWC_7896.jpg (117112 bytes)
Notice the 'wilted tip' they'd and markings on leaves on the plants.
DSCN7458.JPG (94090 bytes)
DSC_3506.jpg (175198 bytes) 

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