Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Ground Red Eyes Bug - Leptocoris mitellata

Family Rhopalidae

This page contains pictures and information about the Ground Red Eyes Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm

The bug has bright red eyes and red abdomen. Its thorax and front wing covers are reddish-brown in colour. Its legs and antenna are all on black. The L. mitellata and L. tagalicus are looked exactly the same and it is almost impassable to distinguished them in photo. The L. mitellata is usually found on ground while all other Leptocoris species are on plants. 
DSCN2874.jpg (234290 bytes) DSCN2877.jpg (199058 bytes) DSCN2880.jpg (205493 bytes)
This bug feeds on ripe seeds that fallen on ground. They run fast with their long legs.. 
DSCN0523.jpg (178890 bytes) DSCN2882.jpg (239230 bytes)
When disturbed they quick ran and hide under leaves litters. 
wpe8.jpg (33440 bytes) IMG_0003q.jpg (201602 bytes) IMG_0003w.jpg (177468 bytes)
5th instars, body length12mm
The nymph looks similar to the adult bugs except their wings are not fully developed. The head and wing buds are black in colour.
DSC_0123.jpg (126626 bytes) DSC_0124.jpg (95293 bytes)
4th instars, body length 8mm

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