Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bug V - Amorbus sp.

Family Coreidae

This page contains pictures and information about Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Body length 20mm
PWC_0021.jpg (179093 bytes)
This bug was found in Ford Road Conservation Area on Jan 2009. It has the white antenna tips and its hind legs are different from other Amorbus sp.. 
DSCN2007.jpg (138379 bytes) DSC_3960.jpg (211291 bytes) DSC_3966.jpg (162749 bytes)
Nymph, body length 15mm 
Photos were taken on March 2004 and Feb 2010 in Ford Road Conservation Area. They are found in the same area as the adult above but we are not sure they are the same species.


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