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Broad Headed Bugs - Family Alydidae

This page contains pictures and information about Broad Headed Bugs in family Alydidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Eggs of Alydidae family 
Alydids have large broad triangular head, nearly as wide as the thorax. They are usually brown in colour. Their bodies are relatively slender. They have long 4-segmented antenna and long legs. Some of them feed on fallen pods from Acacia trees and pods of other trees. Most species with their nymphs mimic ants.

Pod-Sucking Bug, Brown Bean Bug
DSC_1673.jpg (135312 bytes) DSC_1684.jpg (121398 bytes) DSC_1676.jpg (99633 bytes)
Riptortus serripes, subfamily Alydinae, tribe Alydini, instars 10-20mm, adult body length 25mm
This Pod-Sucking Bug is brown in colour with yellow lines along body and has strong spiny hind legs. Its body is slim and narrower in the middle, with a sharp spine on each side of the thorax. Young instars mimic ants. We have detail information in this page.
Small Brown Bean Bug
wpe1A.jpg (27235 bytes) wpe8.jpg (36560 bytes)
Photo: Keith Power, Toowoomba
Melanacanthus scutellaris, subfamily Alydinae, tribe Alydini, body length 12mm.
The Small Brown Bean Bugs have the elongated body and brown in colour. They have spiny hind legs. Males have a pale patch in the scutellum. As the Riptortus sp. they also have the spins on shoulder but much smaller. Please check this page for more information.
Paddy Bug, Rice Bug
wpeF.jpg (20614 bytes) wpe8.jpg (23876 bytes)   
Leptocorisa acuta, subfamily Micrelytrinae, tribe Leptocorisini, body length 15mm
We found a few of this bugs along Bulimba Creek in Brisbane during summer season. The bugs are pale yellow-brown in colour, with long slender body. They feed on grass, and are pest of rice. More information and pictures please click on here.
Colourful Board-headed Bug
wpe1B.jpg (25380 bytes) wpe1.jpg (21634 bytes)
Noliphus erythrocephalus, subfamily Micrelytrinae, tribe Leptocorisini, body length 20mm 
This bugs was found in Yugarapul Park during early summer. The bug has yellow and pink colours on abdomen with black bars on both sides. Its legs are green in colour. There are spins on its thorax.  

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