Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid

Family Coreidae - Tip Wilter, Leaf Footed Bugs, Squash Bugs

Quite a number of bugs in this family can easily be found in Brisbane. However, some of them look similar and hard to be identified. They are mostly from 10 to 25mm in body length. 
Coreid bug eggs
Family Coreidae can be distinguished from the Lygaeidae by their forewings which have dense longitudinal parallel veins. Coreidae has head narrower and most often shorter than pronotum, which can be distinguished from Alydidae have a head that is nearly as wide as and as long as the pronotum. Most of them have two ocelli. They are medium to large in size.
Coreid Bugs are generally medium to large in size. Some species in this family with hind legs expanded and somewhat leaf-like, and those are commonly called Leaf Footed Bugs. Their antennae are four segmented. 
Some species in this family called Tip Wilters because they suck out the plant juices just below the tip of a new branch causing it to droop and wilt soon afterwards. They are common pest species in many crop plants as well as garden plants and vegetables.
Coreid adults are relatively slow moving and are seen on the tips of shoots. Nymph stages are fast moving. All of them are with strong repellent odors.
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Coreid eggs                                                          
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Coreid 1st instars                                                     Six small bugs just hatched                                      Just hatched 
We found quite a number of different coreid species in Brisbane. They are all in subfamily Coreinae, listed in different tribes as listed below.

wpe6.jpg (32463 bytes)Tribe Amorbini - Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bugs
This tribe are commonly known as Eucalyptus Tip Bugs. Most look very similar. They are large, robust and brown in colour. They have orange-red banded body covered with brown wings. Males have shouter hind femora and spiny hind legs. They do not have the lateral angles on the pronotum. They feed on new shots of Eucalyptus trees. Their nymphs are variable mixed bright colours.
DSC_3901.jpg (109559 bytes)Tribe Mictini - Squash Bugs
Bugs in this group usually have the lateral angles on the pronotum. Member in tribe Mictini are believed to feed mostly on legumes, plants in the family Fabaceae, include the new shots and the fruits. 
Tribe Dasynini - Stainer Bugs
Those bugs are usually colourful. They are slow moving, always found sucking the juice from the young shots or flower buds. 
DSC_3059.jpg (119993 bytes) Tribe Gonocerini - Horned Coreid Bugs
We found only one species in this tribe. 
wpe1A.jpg (24027 bytes)Tribe Agriopocorini - Wingless Coreid Bugs
Wingless Coreid Bug adults are wingless, look like their nymphs.

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