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Red Wasp-mimic Mirid Bug
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Mirid Bugs - Family Miridae

This page contains pictures and information about Mirid Bugs in family Miridae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Mirid Bugs in family Miridae are common in Australia. Miridae is the largest family of the Heteroptera. However, we did not find too many of them. Most of them are very small, 2-6mm in body length. Some are very well camouflaged.
The large size Mirid Bugs look similar to Lygaeid Bugs. They can be distinguished by there are usually one or two closed cells on wing membrane, thickened portion of front wing with a cuneus, a somewhat triangular shaped area adjacent to the membranous area. Most of them are ocelli absent except one subfamily. They are usually yellow, green brown or black in colours, al though some are colourful. Some are ants mimics and some are Parasite Wasps mimic. 
Most bugs in this family feed on plants while others on small soft body insects and insect eggs. Some species feed on both. 

Red Mirid Bug
PC9_2219.jpg (167509 bytes) PC9_2217.jpg (147273 bytes)
Pseudopantilius australis, Mirinae, Mirini, body length 10mm
This Red Mirid Bug is in subfamily Mirinae tribe Mirini. Bugs in this group are medium to large in size. They have a distinct, raised pronotal collar and an opaque corium and clavus. We found this bug once in Carbrook Wetlands on Sep 2009. The bug was flying around the plants Phyllota phylicoides. Please check this page for more information.
Red-spotted Mirid Bug
DSC_9643.jpg (112566 bytes) DSC_9644.jpg (168846 bytes)
Trilaccus nigroruber, Deraeocorinae, Saturniomirini, body length 10mm 
Pictures were taken near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank Nov 2007. The bug is colourful with red spots on dark green. The head is red, all legs and antenna are also dark green to black. We have more infromation and pictures in this page.
Red Wasp-mimic Mirid Bug
DSC_8045.jpg (157354 bytes) DSC_8043.jpg (138920 bytes)
Helopeltis sp., Bryocorinae, Monaloniini, body length 10mm 
The bug has Reddish-brown wings and orange-yellow head. Its antenna and legs are long and black. The bottom and sides of its abdomen is white in colour. The colour patterns make it look like a Braconid Wasp. Please check this page for more infromation.
Brown Wasp-mimic Mirid Bug
DSC_4970.jpg (142351 bytes) DSC_4976.jpg (183948 bytes)
Helopeltis sp., Bryocorinae, Monaloniini, body length 10mm
Photos were taken in Daisy Hill Buhot Creek, May 2008. Notice the male and female are in complimented colours. Please check this page for more information.
Brown Mirid Bug
DSC_3680.jpg (167865 bytes) DSC_3678.jpg (174707 bytes)
Rayieria sp., Bryocorinae, Monaloniini, body length 10mm
We found this bug in Mt Coot-tha during lat summer March 2008. The bug was brown to dark brown in colour with creamy white abdomen. The bug has the punching sharp mouth and is predator of small soft body insect. Please also check this page for more infromation.

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