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This page contains pictures and information about Calyptratae Muscoid Flies that we founded in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Calyptratae is a large group of flies in insect order Diptera. They are commonly referred to as the calyptrate muscoids or simply calyptrates. They include the House Flies, Bush Flies, Blowflies, Flesh Flies and Tachinid flies.
They are from small to large in size. They have the well developed calypters (plate near the wing base covering the haltere). They are usually from grey to black in colours. Some with stripes on scutum (thorax) and some are metallic green or blue in colours. The can be distinguished by their common wing vein patterns. 
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Calypter and haltere                                             Wing vein                                                             Head


There are over ten families in this group. We list the four large families as follows. 

Family Muscidae - Bush Flies

Bush Flies develop as maggots in the animals dung. Adults have two stripes on their back. The Common House Fly Musca domestica is also in this family. 

Family Calliphoridae - Blowflies

Most of the flies in this family are metallic green or blue colours. They are medium to large in size. Their antennal arista is usually plumose. There are the bristles on the both sides of their thorax and abdomen tip. Adult Blowfly feeds on nectar, honey dew and other sweet liquid, or liquid products of organic decomposition. Blowfly larvae usually live in carrion or dung, which also help for decomposition.

Family Sarcophagidae - Flesh Flies

The Flesh flies have three black stripes on the top of their thorax. The females are viviparous, producing live maggots directly onto their food source. They are either breed in rotting vegetation or parasites on other insects. They are commonly seen in Brisbane backyards.

Family Tachinidae - Tachinid flies

All Tachinid Flies share the parasitoid habit, their larvae are parasites in other insects. They mainly parasites on larvae of moths or butterflies, larvae or adults of beetles. Others Tachinid Flies species attack adults of bugs, or adults of various orthopteroid orders.

Others - Please also visit this page, there are the flies that we cannot identify yet. 

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