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Neon Cuckoo Bee - Thyreus nitidulus


This page contains pictures and information about Neon Cuckoo Bees that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm 
The Neon Cuckoo Bee are cleptoparasitic in the nest of Amegilla sp.. Neon Cuckoo Bee female does not make its own nest. It lays egg in the nest of Blue-banded bee. Female places an egg in a partially completed brood cell. After the blue-banded bee finishes provision and seals the brood cell, the cuckoo bee egg hatches into larvae and feeds on the provisions stored by Blue-banded bee. 
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Photo thanks to Kylie Hungerford                                        Photo thanks to Kylie Hungerford 
Above pictures show three Blue-banded Bees and one Cuckoo Bee. They rest on grass stem in small group, as shown in the above picture. They hold themselves on stem by their jaws.  
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On Feb 2011 we found this bee visiting flowers during late afternoon. 
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