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Fire-tailed Resin Bee - Megachile (Callomegachile) mystaceana, (Chalicodoma mystaceana)


This page contains pictures and information about Fire-tailed Resin Bees that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm 
The above photo was taken in late afternoon in Wishart Bushland during late summer. Fire-tailed Resin Bee has black head and thorax. Its abdomen is distinctively bright orange-brown in colour. The wings are tinted in black as well. This is a solitary bee and build nest by resin, gum or mud in enclosed spaces such as space between folds of fabric and old Mud-Dauber Wasp nest. They will nest in drilled wooden blocks too.
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This bee likes to visit flowers of family Fabaceae.
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This Resin Bee female builds nest in existing cavity. On Feb 2009, we repaired the pergola in our backyard and had a wooden board left. We drilled a few 10mm diameter holes on it and hung in the pergola. Few days later we had an occupancy.    

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