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Teddy Bear Bee - Amegilla bombiformis


This page contains pictures and information about Teddy Bear Bees that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 18mm 
Teddy Bear Bee is golden brown in colour with dark brown bands on abdomen. It is close relative of Blue-banded Bees. When flying, the bee looks like a furry golden ball hanging in the air. Both Teddy Bear Bees and Blue-banded Bees fly with the dart-and-hover flight pattern, which is faster and more jerky that the common Honey Bees.
Teddy Bear Bee is slightly larger than the Blue-banded Bee. They can be found at the same time visiting on blooming flowers. Teddy Bear Bee can easily be identified by the body size and colours, as well as their different humming sounds. Teddy Bear Bee flies with lower pitch humming sound. 
DSC_8558.jpg (89186 bytes) DSC_8559.jpg (79842 bytes)
Above pictures were taken near Bulimba Creek in Yimbun Park Oct 2007. Pictures show the bee is visiting the Blue Flax Lily Dianella caerulea.
DSC_2501.jpg (190266 bytes) DSC_2498.jpg (138893 bytes)
We saw this bee a few times, They are common in Brisbane garden and bushes with blooming flowers. They fly fast and only stop on a flower buzzing for one to two seconds. It is hard to take their photos.  
Teddy Bear Bees are solitary bees, i.e., they build their own nests. However, a few females may build nest very close together, usually in the soil of creek bank. The nest may have a few cells for their young. They make a ball made of pollen and nectar, then lay an eggs on it before closing a cell.. 

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