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Case Moths and Leaf Miners - Superfamily TINEOIDEA

Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Case Moths and Leaf Miners in Superfamily TINEOIDEA that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.


Classification :  

Superfamily TINEOIDEA

Larvae in this superfamily live in silken tubular shelters or portable case. Many of them are leaf-miners. Some of them are leaf-miners as young larvae, later either joining adjacent leaves with silk or feeding exposed on the surface.
Family Psychidae - Case Moths 
Most species the caterpillars live in a mobile case. The case is made of silk and plants materials. Each species make case in different shapes. For some species, if it is a female, it will not develop wings and will never come out of the bag. It just wait for a winged male in her bag.
Family Bucculatricidae - Scribbly Gum Moths
The larvae in this family are very small and we may not want to call them caterpillars. They are usually leaf miners although the famous one in this family is the under bark miner.
Family Gracillariidae - Leaf Miners 
The caterpillars in this family form tunnels and cavities in the spongy layer between the upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Their adult moths are slander and small in size. Their wings are narrows, with long hair along the hind wing margins. 

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