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Suborder Nematocera - Crane Flies and Mosquitoes 

Flies - Order Diptera

This page contains pictures and information about Cane Flies and mosquitoes in Suborder Nematocera, Order Diptera that we have founded in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Crane Flies and mosquitoes are classified in order Diptera, which mean two wings. The insects in this order have only one pair of membranous flying wings. The second pair of wings are reduced to small knobs, called halteres , for the purpose of balancing. Their body is relatively soft and hairy. They have a pair of large compound eyes, a pair of very short antennae and a sucking mouth.

Members in suborder Nematocera are generally primitive flies, all with filamentous antenna of 6-14 segment. Usually their bodies and legs are elongated, with a relatively long abdomen. Larvae are mostly aquatic.

Crane Flies and mosquitoes develop by complete metamorphosis with four stages, i.e., eggs, larva, pupa and adult. Their larvae are known as maggots. Usually there are four larval instars. The mosquitoes larvae are mainly aquatic.

Family Tipulidae - Crane Flies
Flies in this family look like giant mosquitoes (mosquitoes will not be that large). However, not like mosquitoes, they do not feed on blood. Crane flies only drink water but do not feed at adult stage. They have long thin legs and slender body.
Family Limoniidae - Long-palped Crane Fly
The family Limoniidae is very close related with Tipulidae and sometimes put under Tipulidae as subfamily Limoniinae. Their larvae are aquatic or semi-aquatic. There is not much known about their life cycle and biology.
Family Culicidae - Mosquitoes 
Mosquitoes could be the most encountered insects when we go for bush-walking and talking insect photos. Only a few species of mosquitoes suck human blood. Some species suck blood from other vertebrate animals. Some species do not suck blood at all.
 Family Bibionidae - March Flies
Adults in this family are slow moving, usually dark in colour. They are nectar and pollen feeder. Larvae live in soil or plants, feeds on decaying plant materials.
Other Flies in Suborder Nematocera

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