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Leptotarsus Crane Fly - Family Tipulidae, Genus Leptotarsus

Order Diptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Leptotarsus Crane Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Leptotarsus is a large genus in Australia Crane Fly Family. They can be recognized by the short rostrum (same as head length) with simple antenna, legs are long and slender. Abdomen is usually shorter than wings.

Yellow Fat Crane Fly
DSCN0870.JPG (57399 bytes) DSCN0871.JPG (59891 bytes) DSCN0870w.jpg (156340 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Pseudoleptotarsus) liponeura, body length 15mm
This Crane Fly is quite large, yellow body with black patterns. Its wings are tinted in dark colour with yellow spots. Its legs are black and very long, relatively strong compare with other crane flies. Please click on here for more information.
Orange Fat Crane Fly
DSC_5490.jpg (129106 bytes) DSC_5487_30mm.jpg (161550 bytes) DSC_5488.jpg (182108 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Leptotarsus) ducalis bancrofti, body length 20mm
This Crane Fly can be easily recognized by the orange prescutum with three black confluent stripes and the dark brown wings with three separated orange spots. Please visit this page for more pictures and information. 
Common Brown Crane Fly
wpe6.jpg (35823 bytes) SCN_0001.jpg (219563 bytes) SCN_0001w.jpg (111304 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Macromastix) costalis, body length 15mm 
This Crane Fly is fulvous brown in colour. On thorax there are the very light-brownish stripes. Rostrum is as long as head. Legs are long and slender. The abdomen is relatively small. For more information please check this page.
Common Yellow Crane Fly
wpe17.jpg (24179 bytes) DSC_5129.jpg (70534 bytes) DSC_7417w.jpg (164965 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Macromastix) tortilis, body length 15mm
The Orange Crane Fly is bright orange in colour with black stripe along the abdomen. We usually found them in group resting on leaves or grasses. They are common in Brisbane bushes. Please check this page for more pictures and information.
Dull-yellow Crane Fly
DSCN8499.JPG (84142 bytes) DSC_7747.jpg (177675 bytes) DSC_7747w.jpg (159304 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Macromastix) hackeri, body length 15mm
This Crane Fly is yellowish in colour. Wings are brownish-yellow tint with costal margin and stigma darker. Abdomen is yellow with segments 7 and 8 dark brown, other segments including segment 9 is pale yellow. There is no dorsomedian stripe on abdomen. Thorax is dull yellow without any stripes. Legs are dull yellow to brown towards the tips. Haltere is pale brown. Please check this page for more infromation. 
Long-black-nosed Crane Fly
DSC_4728.jpg (114014 bytes) DSC_4738.jpg (121324 bytes) DSC_4728w.jpg (146098 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Phymatopsis) nigrirostris, body length 20mm
This Crane Fly can be recognized by the long dark brown rostrum, almost black. The wings are without pattern and with costal cell in dark brown colour. The abdomen is black except first segment and the basal half on the second segment are lighter in colour. Please check this page for more pictures and information.
Black Crane Fly
DSC_2992b.jpg (235285 bytes) DSC_2992a.jpg (299602 bytes) DSC_2992w.jpg (113425 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Phymatopsis) flavopygalis, body length 20mm
The Crane Fly is dark brown to black in colour. Wings are tint pale brown with darker brown on costal margin. Antenna is short and black in colour. Legs are long and slender in dark brown with tibiae brownish yellow. Prescutum has four darker brown stripes. Abdomen is dark brown with segment 1 paler colour. Please check this page for more information.
Dotted-wing Crane Fly
wpe17.jpg (22616 bytes) DSCN3842.jpg (165880 bytes) DSCN3840w.jpg (145733 bytes)
Leptotarsus (Habromastix) terraereginae, body length 15mm
Pictures taken near Alexandra Hill during early winter. This Crane Fly has patterned wings and very long antennae. The long antennae show this is a male Crane Fly. Please check this page for more pictures and information.
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