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Crystal-wing Crane Fly - Megistocera filipes fuscana

Family Tipulidae

This page contains pictures and information about Crystal-wing Crane Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm 
We recognized this Crane Fly by its very long slender legs. Wings are crystal clear with brown stigma and a very small discal cell. Male with antenna 5 times the body length. Female has much shorter antennae.
P1010888w.jpg (117940 bytes) P1010888.jpg (64865 bytes) P1010889.jpg (128888 bytes)  
The Crane Fly has the distinctive wing vein pattern. Sc is very long reaching free tip of Sc2. R2+3 angulated at mid-length. M4 angulated at base at point of union with m-cu. M4 originates before base of discal cell.

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