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DCX Crane Fly - Dolichopeza (Dolichopeza) sp.

Family Tipulidae

This page contains pictures and information about DCX Crane Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm 
DSC_2235.jpg (143948 bytes) DSC_2238.jpg (89864 bytes) PWC_6777w.jpg (151676 bytes)
This Crane Fly has the very long and slender legs. It is reddish brown in colour. On prescutum there are three darker brown stripes. Legs are light brown. Wings are faint tint brown with stigma darker brown. Abdomen is pale yellow ringed with dark brown. Haltere pale brown with knob in darker colour.
DSC_6457.jpg (135695 bytes) DSC_6457w.jpg (158612 bytes) DSC_8056.jpg (170114 bytes)
We call this DCX Crane Fly because it is Discal-cell-X, discal cell missing on wings. 
PC9_1774.jpg (179628 bytes) PC9_1776.jpg (201728 bytes) PC9_1832.jpg (263909 bytes)
We usually found large group of them hanging on sheltered rock or mud wall. 
PC9_1835.jpg (206512 bytes) PC9_1965.jpg (169290 bytes) DSC_7679.jpg (80473 bytes)
Males have antennae medium long, females' antenna are shorter.  
PWC_6774.jpg (147138 bytes) PWC_6776.jpg (158274 bytes) PWC_6777.jpg (119965 bytes)
From reference information, species in genus Dolichopeza look very similar. 
PWC_6801.jpg (251285 bytes)

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3. The Tipulidae (Diptera) of Australia. XI*. The genus Dolichopeza Curtis - 1974, NV Dobrotworsky, Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series 22(32) 1 - 27. 

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