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Salt Marsh Mosquito - Ochlerotatus vigilax (Aedes vigilax)

Family Culicidae

This page contains pictures and information about Common Salt Marsh Mosquitos that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 4mm 
This is one of the common mosquito we encountered during bush-walking. It will come to you during any time of the day, in sunny or shaped area. 
DSC_1069.jpg (68175 bytes) DSC_7997.jpg (55488 bytes) OMD50076.jpg (103311 bytes)
This mosquito is easily recognized by its black and white patterns on body and legs.   
DSC_2015.jpg (44568 bytes) DSC_2014.jpg (49426 bytes) OMD50038.jpg (114956 bytes)
Notice the lyre-shaped line on each sides of the thorax. Also notice this mosquito's abdomen is red, which is the colour from my blood.
DSC_0947.jpg (163121 bytes) DSC_2164.jpg (172909 bytes) DSC_2279.jpg (195032 bytes)
DSC_2530.jpg (163342 bytes) DSC_2532.jpg (172834 bytes) DSC_2809.jpg (166787 bytes)
DSC_4953.jpg (175533 bytes) DSC_5343.jpg (186372 bytes) DSC_8522.jpg (157830 bytes)

Thank to Roy Durre for sending us email to correct the ID of this species.

1. Stegomyia egypti - The Dengue Mosquito - Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks, 2004 
2. Ochlerotatus vigilax - by Stephen L. Doggett, NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program, NSW Health, 1999 and update. 

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