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Common Yellow Crane Fly - Leptotarsus (Macromastix) tortilis

Family Tipulidae

This page contains pictures and information about Common Yellow Crane Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm 
The Common Yellow Crane Fly is bright pale yellowish-orange in colour with black stripe along the abdomen, segments 7 and 8 are dark brown. On thorax there are the very light-brownish stripes. On wings cells C and Sc are rich brownish yellow.
wpe1C.jpg (27914 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (30010 bytes)
We usually found them in group resting on leaves or grasses. 
DSC_2962.jpg (52820 bytes) DSC_5126.jpg (82845 bytes) wpe17.jpg (24179 bytes)
This Crane Fly are common in Brisbane bushlands. We usually found them on open brassy area. Most of them can be found hanging on medium high grasses, males, females and mating pairs. When disturbed, they flied to a meter away and rest again.
DSC_5129.jpg (70534 bytes) DSC_5130.jpg (68143 bytes) DSC_5129.jpg (143457 bytes)
For this species, both males and females have short antennae.
DSC_1239.jpg (183346 bytes) DSC_1239f.jpg (154480 bytes) DSC_4910.jpg (106848 bytes)
DSC_5535.jpg (171883 bytes) DSC_5539.jpg (179717 bytes) DSC_5542.jpg (192355 bytes)
DSC_5754.jpg (173575 bytes) DSC_5755.jpg (137761 bytes)  
DSC_6407.jpg (171674 bytes) DSC_6407w.jpg (192442 bytes) DSC_6406.jpg (114487 bytes)
DSC_7417.jpg (126282 bytes) DSC_7417w.jpg (164965 bytes) DSC_7418.jpg (139855 bytes)
We saw a lot of this fly flying on grasses in late summer. This crane fly is medium in size.
DSC_1631w.jpg (218960 bytes) DSC_1631.jpg (179736 bytes)
This individual has Cell M1 does not have petiole. 
wpeC.jpg (31076 bytes) SCN_0001a.jpg (154949 bytes)
We also found them in our backyard on wall of our house.

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