Crane Flies and Mosquitoes

DCX Crane Fly
Crystal-wing Crane Fly
Tiger Crane Fly
Genus Leptotarsus   
Yellow Fat Crane Fly
Orange Fat Crane Fly
Common Brown Crane Fly
Common Yellow Crane Fly
Dull-yellow Crane Fly
Long-black-nosed Crane Fly
Black Crane Fly
Dotted-wing Crane Fly
Spider Web Crane Fly 
Salt Marsh Mosquito
Predatory Mosquito
Yellow Midge 
Green Midge
Grey Midge 
March Flies 

Unknown Flies

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Flies that not identified yet

Please advise if you recognize any of them. Thank you.

Black Fungus Gnat
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? sp., Family Sciaridae 
Gall Midge
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? sp., Family Cecidomyiidae 
Unknown Midge
DSC_1484.jpg (153501 bytes) 

Please advise if you recognize any of them. Thank you.

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