Golden Stag Beetle

Black Bess Beetle
Brown Bess Beetle

Black Dung Beetle
Greed Dung Beetle
Punctated Dung Beetle 
Green Scarab Beetle
Brown Cockchafer
Yellow Cockchafer
Nectar Scarab Beetle 
Common Christmas Beetle
White Christmas Beetle
Golden Christmas Beetle
Green Christmas Beetle 
Black Nail Beetle
Small Brown Scarab
Small Black Scarab 
Rhinoceros Beetle
Cowboy Beetle
Red-brown Flower Beetle
Fiddle Beetle
Spotted Flower Chafer
Brown Flower Beetle
Mango Flower Beetle


Superfamily Scarabaeoidea - Stag Beetles, Bess Beetles and Scarab Beetles

This page contains information and pictures about Stag Beetles, Bess Beetles and Scarab Beetles in Superfamily Scarabaeoidea that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The beetles in this superfamily Scarabaeoidea are from medium to large in size. Most of them are black or brown but occasionally some are bright in colours. They have distinctive lamellate antennae which opens like a small fan. Legs, especially the fore coaxes, are usually shaped for digging. Adults beetles usually feed on leaves and flowers. Most of them  have functional wings and are active flyers.
DSC_4118.jpg (406243 bytes) DSC_3153.jpg (466914 bytes) Unknown grub.jpg (97538 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                        Larva photo thank to Colin Burt in Hervey Bay
Their larvae are grub-liked, always live in concealed habitats, feeding on roots, dung or decaying plants materials. They are sluggish and cylindrical. Some are c-shaped, with a well-developed head and legs. Since they live usually next to the food source and they seldom need to move.
We found many different species in Scarabaeoidea, they are listed in as follows;

Family Lucanidae - Stag Beetles


Family Passalidae - Bess Beetles


Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles

Subfamily Scarabaeinae - Dunk Beetles
Subfamily Melolonthinae - Chafers
Subfamily Rutelinae - Christmas Beetles
Subfamily Dynastinae - Black Scarab
Subfamily Cetoniinae - Flower Beetles

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