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Common Christmas Beetle - Anoplognathus porosus


This page contains information and pictures about Common Christmas Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm
Those beetles are called Christmas Beetles. During Christmas days in Australia, we can find huge number of them on a tree, just  like the decorations on Christmas tree. There are different species of Christmas Beetles, mostly Anoplognathus species. The species shown in this page are very common in Brisbane.
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They are metallic green in colour and with the beautiful texture on their elytra. They feed on leaves of Eucalypt tree. 
DSCN0629 (2).jpg (237304 bytes) DSCN0623.jpg (271097 bytes) DSCN0621.jpg (261525 bytes)
Christmas Beetle female lay eggs in soil or compost in spring and early summer. Larvae live in the soil. They feed on decaying organic matter or roots. They pupate in soil as well. Adult beetles emerge during the early to mid summer period from soil.  
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Notice the holes on the leaf after the beetle feeding. This is the typical bite mark by beetles, which is quite different from those by grasshoppers and caterpillars.
PWC_8682.jpg (121014 bytes) PWC_8683.jpg (101315 bytes)
DSC_9307.jpg (245709 bytes) DSC_9310.jpg (336850 bytes) DSC_9308.jpg (303436 bytes)
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