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Bombycoid Moths - Superfamily BOMBYCOIDEA

Moths - Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Bombycoid Moths and Caterpillars in Superfamily Bombycoidea that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.


Classification :  


Moths in this superfamily are large in size with very board wings. Males have large bipectinate antennae. The caterpillars spin elaborate cocoons. 
Family Lasiocampidae - Snout Moths
The Caterpillars of this family are medium to large size. Most have a pair of dorsal glands on abdomen. Many have flaps of skin overhanging their prolegs and they like to lie along twigs. The adult moths are large and stout, have elongated mouth parts.
Family Anthelidae - Anthelid Moths
The Caterpillars are from medium to very large size. They are very hairy. Their heads are large, and usually have the wearing sunglass look. ANTHELIDAE moths fly at night. They have stout hairy body and board wings.
Family Eupterotidae - Bag-shelter Moth
Eupterotidae is a small moth family and not common in Australia. Moths in this family are medium to large in size with board wings. They are furry moths with head and body covered with long hairs. Both female and male have bipectinate antennae. They are active at night.


Hawk Moth Sphingidae is the only family in superfamily Sphingoidea. Some references put this family in superfamily Bombycoidea.
Family Sphingidae - Hawk Moths 
Hawk Moths are large size moths. They have the strong and aerodynamic -shaped body. Their forewings are narrow and long with smaller hind wings. They are very good flyer. When at rest, they hold their wings on body like a tent.

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