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Bee Hawk Moth - Cephonodes kingii

Family Sphingidae

This page contains information about Bee Hawk Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 40mm
This moth was found feeding on flowers late afternoon outside our office in a hot summer day. It abdomen is yellow and black look like a bee. On its back is greyish-green in colour. Its wings are transparent. It was hovering flowers and flying like a small bird.
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After we knew the moth was in the garden of our office. I easily found it resting on plants during the day. It stayed at the same area for a few days.
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The caterpillars are stout, with cylindrical hairless body and small head, with a prominent tapering horn on their last segment. They have grey and green line across the back. They feed on Rubiaceae, including Gardenia, the Cape Jasmine.
DSCN1866.jpg (300374 bytes)

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