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Yellow-headed Anthelid Caterpillars - Nataxa flavescens

Family Anthelidae

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow-headed Anthelid Caterpillars that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 40mm 
The hairy caterpillar is slender, green and yellow, with two tufts of black hair behind the reddish-brown head. A single tuft of black hair on the tail. On the back there is the shorter black hair on each segment. This caterpillar moves relatively fast. 
DSCN0250.jpg (368656 bytes) DSCN0252.jpg (324654 bytes) DSCN0253.jpg (312001 bytes)
We found this caterpillar under bark on Oct 2006. We believed it was about to pupa under bark there. 
From reference infromation, the caterpillar feed on different species of wattle leaves.

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