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Gumtree Snout Moth I - Entometa apicalis

FAMILY Lasiocampidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Gumtree Snout Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male wingspan 70mm 
On  Jan 2008, we found both male and female moth in the same day in Karawatha Forest. We did not see them at the other time. 
DSC_1944.jpg (119009 bytes) DSC_1944_1.jpg (73959 bytes) DSC_1949.jpg (120094 bytes)
Notice there were two small insects on it body, could be the parasite flies.
DSC_2205.jpg (121922 bytes) DSC_2209.jpg (128529 bytes) DSC_2212.jpg (131838 bytes)
Female wingspan 90mm. 
Entometa species is the largest size in Snout Moth family. The adult moths are large, hairy and stout, have elongated mouth parts, which makes them look like they have long noses, hence their name "Snout Moths". 
DSC_2214.jpg (116723 bytes) DSC_2218.jpg (123948 bytes) DSC_2222.jpg (225915 bytes)
This moth is expected the very good flier and active at night, but the two moths were found resting on leaf and tree trunk, seem not ready to fly yet. From their flesh and new looking wings and body shape, they could be just emerged from cocoon.
The caterpillars feed on leaves of Eucalyptus.  

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