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Western Anthelid Moth - Anthela canescens

Family Anthelidae

This page contains pictures and information about Western Anthelid Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Wingspan 70mm, female
We find this large hairy caterpillar on mid summer 2007.  We took it home and kept it in a large jar. The caterpillar turned into a cocoon a few days later. The moth came out after about three months. 
The caterpillar is brown in colour with white hairs, two extra long tufts on the thorax which are black in colour. There are two rows of yellow dots on the back of its body. 
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Caterpillar 60mm 
In summer, the caterpillars are fully grown and ready to pupate. They spin cocoons usually on stems or under loose bark of gum trees.  
DSC_2877.jpg (316070 bytes) DSC_2874.jpg (305254 bytes) DSC_2876.jpg (184120 bytes) 
Notice the bristles/hairs outside the cocoon in the above picture. As the caterpillar turns into a pupa, the bristles/hairs are pushed through the walls of the cocoon from the inside. The projecting bristles/hairs protect the pupa inside the cocoon in the same way that they protect the caterpillar. 
DSC_2881.jpg (286326 bytes) DSC_2860.jpg (257209 bytes) DSC_2859.jpg (332315 bytes) 
The moth is brown in colour with snout body and furry thorax. There are the dark brown lines across each wing.  
DSC_2865.jpg (177048 bytes) DSC_2870.jpg (284179 bytes) DSC_2871.jpg (298461 bytes)
To raise caterpillars is fun, especially if we find an unknown caterpillar. It is easily too. We have raised some caterpillars such as the Wanderer, the Crow , the Orchard Butterflies and the Brown Tussock moths. You may like to raise one too. Try it yourself next time when you find a caterpillar. Email me if you successfully raise one or if you find any problem.

Large Anthelid Moth Caterpillars 

wpe11.jpg (47242 bytes) 
Above picture taken in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. 
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Length 30mm
Caterpillars found on gum tree leaf in mid summer.
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1. Anthela canescens - Australian Caterpillars - by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2007.
2. Moths of Victoria Part 1 - Silk Moths and Allies - BOMBYCOIDEA - Peter Marriott, Entomological Society of Victoria, 2008, p23. 


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