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Hairy Mary Caterpillar - Anthela varia

Family Anthelidae

This page contains information about Hairy Mary Caterpillars that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Caterpillar 70mm
The young Hairy Mary Caterpillars are black in colour with long white grey hairs. They grow to about 70 to 90mm and become brown with long dense tufts of white hairs.
wpeE.jpg (35667 bytes) LargeHaryCat2.jpg (148828 bytes)
We saw a medium size (35mm body length) hairy caterpillar feeding on gum tree leaves. One week later, at same area we found another similar caterpillar, with 90mm in body length. The caterpillar body is dark brown to black in colour, with long white hair. Notice there are two row of white spots on its back. The second picture shows it head, it was feeding on gum tree leaf.
The adult moths of this species are variable in colour from pale brown yellow to brown, with brown wavy lines and patterns. The female moth is slightly larger wingspans up to 90mm. We did not found any adult moths of this species yet.

DSC_5962.jpg (86572 bytes) DSC_5975.jpg (107897 bytes)
Length 30mm, pictures taken during early winter in Karawatha Forest.
DSC_5621.jpg (270789 bytes) HairyCat2.jpg (142654 bytes) HairyCatLarge1.jpg (209670 bytes)
Length 40mm 
DSC_5622.jpg (342819 bytes) DSC_5623.jpg (321014 bytes) DSC_5624.jpg (351900 bytes)
Length 50mm 

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