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Convolvulus Hawk Moth - Agrius convolvuli

Family Sphingidae 

This page contains information about Convolvulus Hawk Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 70mm
The Convolvulus Hawk Moth is greyish colour with pink-spotted abdomen.  
wpe9.jpg (27705 bytes) DSCN9340.JPG (108927 bytes)
We found this large moth (first picture) resting on a wooden stand in Brisbane City on a summer day 2002. The moth is grayish-brown in colour. Second pictures was taken on Sep 2007 in Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane. 
The caterpillar is either green or dark brown in colours with pale diagonal stripes along the sides. The caterpillar do not have any eyespots on body. It also has the curved horn on the tail. The caterpillar feed on plants include sweet potato.  
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