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Concealer Moths and Leafrollers - Superfamily  GELECHIOIDEA, COSSOIDEA and TORTRICOIDEA

Order Lepidoptera

This page contains pictures and information about Concealer Moths and Leafrollers Caterpillars in Superfamily GELECHIOIDEA, COSSOIDEA and TORTRICOIDEA that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.


Classification :  


Moths in this group are from small to medium size. They have relatively long and narrow wings. 
Family Oecophoridae - Concealer Moths
In this family the caterpillar habits are diverse, but most are feed on Eucalyptus, include live or dead materials. This is a very large family. Moths in this family are medium in size. When rest, they usually held the antenna backwards along the outside edge of wing. Some species held wings roof-like and some held wing flat back over body.
Family Xyloryctidae - Timber Moths, Flower Moths
Moths in family Xyloryctidae are medium in size with stout body. They are usually partially white with checkered apical wing margin. They have the upturn pointed stickle-shaped labial palpi in front of their head. The apical segment is usually slender, tapering and acute.
Family Blastobasidae - Small Grey Moths
Blastobasidae is a small family. There are about 10 species in Australia and all of them are in genus Blastobasis. They are small dull grey moths. They rest with wings folded around body.
Family Cosmopterigidae - Narrow-winged Moths
Moths in this family are from very small to small in size. They are usually black, grey or white in colours. The labial palps are long and recurved. The wings are long and narrow.
Family Gelechiidae - Gelechid Moths
Moths in family Gelechiidae are very small to small in size. They are dull colours with narrow wings.
Family Lecithoceridae  - Long-horned Moths
Moths in this family Lecithoceridae have antenna length as the body length, and the antenna are put in front when resting. The wings are hold flat above abdomen. They have lone upturned palpi.

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