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Family Ascalaphidae - Owl-flies

This page contains pictures and information about Owl-flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Adults in this family are from medium to large size. They are usually yellow in colour with dark patterns. They have the long and clubbed pear-shaped antennae. When rest, their abdomen is extended above the stem that they are sitting on while their wings hanging downwards.  
Owl-flies are good flier although they spend most of their time resting on stem. Adults are predator, hunting insects in flight. Some of them are active both day and night. 
The larvae hunt prey with their large jaw on ground and low vegetations. They have flattened body which is ovoid in shape. Their head is large with large mandibles projected forwards for hunting small insects. 
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Owl-fly lays eggs on grass seed stem.                    Larvae
Their eggs are hard and oval, laid in masses around twigs or grass-stalk, number in about 50 to 100.
Following list different owl-fly species that we found in Brisbane.
Yellow Owl-fly
DSC_1253.jpg (113445 bytes) DSC_1995.jpg (147502 bytes) DSC_1916.jpg (290317 bytes)
Suhpalacsa flavipes, body length 45mm, female, male
This Owl-fly is black in colour with yellow markings. Head and legs are pale yellow with dark grey eyes. On wings the pterostigma is lemon yellow, in hindwings the pterostigma is dark basal spot. Wings are relative broad. Please check this page for more information.
Cloudy-wings Owl-fly
DSC_2665.jpg (152198 bytes) DSC_2664.jpg (187137 bytes) DSC_2667.jpg (251794 bytes)
Suhpalacsa dietrichiae, body length 45mm, 
We found this owl-fly in Karawatha Forest on Jan 2010. This Owl-fly has the all black antenna and the creamy white pterostigma on each wing and cloudy grey shaded near wing tip. Please check this page for more information.
Australian Common Owl-fly
wpe1.jpg (26162 bytes) DSCN0885.jpg (280021 bytes)
Suhpalacsa subtrahens, body length 45mm, female, male
The Australian Owl-fly is dark grayish brown in colour with yellow markings. Eyes are grayish brown, with long and knobbed antennae. Two pairs of membrane wings are clean with dark brown pterostigma. Legs are short and dark in colour. Check this page for more information.
Black Owl-fly
PWC_7890.jpg (99687 bytes) DSC_2141.jpg (227561 bytes) DSC_9615.jpg (312891 bytes)
Suhpalacsa nigrescens, body length 45mm, 
This owl-fly is dark brown to black in colours. Antennae are black , Club is black with yellow at the base. Abdomen is dark brown to black with yellow ring around each segment border. Pterostigma are almost all black. Please check this page for more information. 
Lyriform Owl-fly
DSC_1659.jpg (100287 bytes) DSC_1665.jpg (118157 bytes) DSC_1663.jpg (280461 bytes)
Suhpalacsa lyriformis, body length 45mm, male
This Owl-fly is dark grey and brown on colours. On the back of abdomen there are the velvety chocolate brown lyriform marks. The antenna club has pale patch at the base. All legs are dark brown as well. Pterostigma are very dark brown. Visit this page for more infromation. 

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