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Banded Lacewing - Glenoleon pulchellus

Family Myrmeleontidae

This page contains pictures and information about Banded Antlions that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Banded Antlion - adult,  body length 40mm
This Lacewing species is common in Brisbane Eucalyptus forest. Their slender antennae is short and slightly clubbed, body is dark brown with creamy white markings. Eyes are grey to dark brown. Wings are clear with brown venation, with two board dark brown bands towards apex on hind wings. Legs are relatively thin. 
Myrmel2.jpg (39170 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (24928 bytes) DSCN0746.jpg (354151 bytes)
We first found this adult lacewing during summer in Alexandra Hill bushland. There were quite a number of them in a small area. All of them were hiding under fallen tree or stem close to the ground. When disturbed they fly slowly away to another hiding place. Because of their camouflaged colour, they were difficult to spot if they do not move.
wpe23.jpg (28425 bytes) wpe14.jpg (29319 bytes) DSCN0748.jpg (375684 bytes)
They were also found in Mt Cotton bushland and Karawatha Forest. They were always found hiding on the bottom side of fallen plants materials. 
wpe1.jpg (58352 bytes) wpe3.jpg (58033 bytes) DSCN0745.jpg (408514 bytes)
This species is easily to be recognized by the two bands on hind-wings.  
DSC_1673.jpg (298468 bytes) DSC_1668.jpg (334938 bytes) DSC_1261.jpg (285364 bytes)
DSC_3094.jpg (256732 bytes) DSC_3093.jpg (287948 bytes) DSC_3088.jpg (263255 bytes)
DSC_7513.jpg (317770 bytes) DSCN7202.jpg (367237 bytes) DSCN7203.jpg (409662 bytes)

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