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Subfamily Stilbopteryginae - Giant Lacewing

Family Myrmeleontidae 

Stilbopterygidae was recently (1982) reduced to a subfamily under Myrmeleontidae.
Silver Giant Lacewing
wpe1.jpg (27675 bytes) wpe11.jpg (37915 bytes)
Stilbopteryx costalis, body length 35mm
In Dec 2005, we saw at least two of them in Karawatha Forest, Brisbane. We did not saw them in any other place. They are large in size, with silvery-grey colour body. They are the very good flyer comparing with the other Lacewings species that we found. More pictures and information can be found in this page.
Black Giant Lacewing
DSC_0953.jpg (149952 bytes) DSC_0956.jpg (82088 bytes)
Stilbopteryx walkeri, body length 35mm 
Black Lacewing are large in size, with dark brown to black colour body. They are the good flyer comparing with the other Lacewings species. When we chasing this Black Lacewing, it always flied a short distance, about a few meter, and rested on dead tree and dry stem close to the ground. We have more information and pictures in this page

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