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Golden Eye Green Lacewing - Chrysopa sp., Mallada sp., Chrysoperla sp. or Plesiochrysa sp.

Order Neuroptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Golden Eye Green Lacewings that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
Green Lacewings are small in size. Adults are bright green in colour with clear wings and long thread-like antennae. They have relatively large, golden, iridescent eyes. They are active at night and may come to house attracted by window light.
 DSCN0918.jpg (361496 bytes) DSCN0920.jpg (196714 bytes)
Green Lacewings are common in Brisbane. There are many different species look similar, i.e., most of them are pale green with clear wings and about the same size. Hard to identify to species level by looking at the photos.
PC9_1980.jpg (90839 bytes) Lacewing2.jpg (58907 bytes) Lacewing.jpg (71649 bytes)

Eggs and Larvae

Eggs and Larvae of Golden Eye Green Lacewings of different species.
wpe23.jpg (22919 bytes) DSC_5189.jpg (207400 bytes)
The stalked eggs 
DSC_0238.jpg (289032 bytes)
Females lay eggs in group. Notice that the eggs are laid on thin sticks. Lacewing larvae are active predators. Most of them have long mandibles. Eggs laid on thin sticks is believed that it helps to prevent cannibalism. 
wpe1.jpg (25780 bytes) wpe21.jpg (17962 bytes) DSC_5255.jpg (296975 bytes)
Larvae in other species are predators hunting on stems and on leaves. They have very long mandibles. Some of them may be covered with prey body or other plant litters on body.
PC9_1886.jpg (119011 bytes) PC9_1881.jpg (106813 bytes) DSC_5256.jpg (185875 bytes)
We found the above Lacewings Larvae hunting the aphids in our backyard in spring. 
DSC_7294.jpg (326693 bytes) DSC_7293.jpg (291480 bytes)
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