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Mantid Lacewing I - Ditaxis biseriata

Family Mantispidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Mantid Lacewing I that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Body length 30mm
Mantid Lacewings are active predators, chasing prey, usually small insects, with their spiny forelegs. 
This Mantid Lacewing has the pinkish wings each with a pink pterostigma. We found the above lacewing in our backyard on 2004.
PWC_4669.jpg (270256 bytes) DSC_8618.jpg (277922 bytes)
This Mantid Lacewing is common in Brisbane. We found them in Brisbane bushlands a few times in different seasons. 
DSC_8630.jpg (310114 bytes) DSC_8624.jpg (281885 bytes) DSC_8622.jpg (281577 bytes)
Their raptorial forelegs are powerful for predating. The coax is extremely elongated. The femur bears spines long and short along ventral margin. Their last two pairs of legs are long for fast prey attack action. 
DSC_8614.jpg (339064 bytes) DSC_8607.jpg (340693 bytes) DSC_8606.jpg (329314 bytes)

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