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Angular-wing Lacewing - Periclystus circuiter

Family Myrmeleontidae

This page contains pictures and information about Angular-wing Antlions that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 40mm
This lacewing has wings in irregular shape with dark brown spot patterns on wings. The patterns becomes purplish black under the sun. It is easy to distinguish this lacewing by its wings. Its abdomen is dark brown in colour with two white rings and orange tip. As most other lacewing species, this lacewing flies clumsily and slowly, just about half a meter above ground. It rather finds a stick or stem to rest on and does the camouflage.
PWC_9255.jpg (102003 bytes) PWC_9260.jpg (104688 bytes) PWC_9300.jpg (132023 bytes)
There were quite a few of them in Ford Road Conservation Area during Jan 2009.
PWC_9266.jpg (120731 bytes) PWC_9270.jpg (142408 bytes)
The lacewing is so confident on its camouflage skill that, in the above picture, it did not move a bit even when I grabbed it with my two fingers. It flied away without problem after we took the picture. 
PWC_9254.jpg (191661 bytes) PWC_9258.jpg (201841 bytes) PWC_9266.jpg (235182 bytes)

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