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Lyriform Owl-fly - Suhpalacsa lyriformis

Family Ascalaphidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Lyriform Owl-flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Female, body length 45mm, male 
This Owl-fly is dark grey and brown in colours. On the back of abdomen there are the velvety chocolate brown lyriform marks. The antenna club has pale patch at the base. All legs are dark brown as well. Pterostigma are very dark brown. 
DSC_1657_Nov2009_Tingalpa.jpg (122388 bytes) DSC_1664.jpg (140895 bytes) DSC_1665.jpg (118157 bytes)
We found this Owl-fly once in an researched area near Tingalpa Resovior. We saw the owl-fly land on stem of a dead tree. It was a good flier comparing with other owl-flies that we found. 
DSC_1659.jpg (100287 bytes) DSC_1663.jpg (280461 bytes)
This Owl-fly was very confidence on its camouflage. It did not move a bit after we took over ten close-up photos.  

1. Revision of the Australian Ascalaphidae (Insecta: Neuroptera) - New, T.R. (1984). Aust. J. Zool. Suppl. 100: 1-86.

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