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Green Large Lacewing - Myiodactylus sp.

Family Nymphidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Green Large Lacewings that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Adult body length 20mm            
Adult is pale green in colour with black eyes. The moniliform antennae and all legs are same colour as the body, pale green in colour.  Wings are clear with thin pale or black veins.
We sometimes found this small lacewing adult attracted by window-light and rest near our window glass. They are common in Brisbane, although sometime it may be mixed up with the species in family Chrysopidae, however, its moniliform antenna and wings veins pattern tell us this lacewing is in this family Nymphidae.
wpe5.jpg (50041 bytes) wpe3.jpg (51883 bytes)
The larvae sometimes found hiding under those leaves.
DSCN9823.jpg (299110 bytes) DSCN9817.jpg (300225 bytes) DSCN9814.jpg (336740 bytes)
The above pictures show the flattened disc-like larva, which lies on the bottom side of a leaf, waiting for prey with jaws widely opened.

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